About Michael Mastrogiacomo

I am the CEO & Founder of Boss Financial Inc. I came from an Italian family background living in Toronto, Ontario my whole life. When I am not working, for fun time I enjoy working out, playing sports (baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, and tennis) and attending to sporting events. I am a die-hard Toronto blue jays’ fan. I am a car guy and I attend to every car show that happens in Toronto.

Why I chose this profession?

I am obsessed when it comes to finance and money conversations. I knew I wanted to be in this profession since day one when I was taught about financial like saving money, make smart investments and protection at a young age by my parents. I also saw it all when it came to disaster financially from family members and friends when things went south and they did not have a strong financial foundation to build and protect their wealth like when the market crash happen back in 2008/2009 and family and friends lost a lot of their money tied up in the stock market and took them 10+ years to even breakeven from what they lost, and when my family members that were about to retire were not confident that their money will last the next 25+ years so they kept working until they were in their 70s. I want to be that hero for my clients that no matter what hits them like the next market crash or a great investment opportunity like Real Estate or their Business they want to invest, with my advice they will have long-term cash flow for 50+ years, protection of their capital from the market and creditors and control of their money by beating financial system at their own game with my cash flow banking system strategy.


  • Chartered Life Underwritter Designation
  • Incorporated Boss Financial Inc in 2020
  • Life license & Mutual Fund license
  • Certified Cash Flow Specialist Designation
  • Certified massage & hydrotherapy
  • Certified Health and fitness personal trainer
  • 2008 MLB draft class by the Milwaukee Brewers
  • Offers by multiple NCAA D1 schools for baseball scholarships
  • Black Belt in Martial Arts

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