Our experienced financial consultants take time to learn about your current cash flow, your specific challenges, and your future goals as they develop custom strategies to meet your needs.  Because business owners tend to have assets at various accounts/institutions, our first step in working with you is to consolidate your assets and free up immediate cash flow opportunities. This also helps us identify whether you are on track to reach your revenue goals and establish a plan to help you profit and expand your business, while accessing assets to enjoy life.

We view cash flow management as one of the four cornerstones of financial planning, which also include risk management, wealth management and debt management. We consider the impact on each of these four cornerstones as we develop solutions to help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

We then implement cash flow banking solutions to optimize long term cash flow, multiply your wealth by having $1 do 5 jobs at once, and preserve everything you earned.

The benefits of using cash flow banking:

  • Performance: The certainty of knowing you will receive a guaranteed rate of return from your investment. Policies typically pay 40x more than a traditional savings account.
  • Liquidity: Access to your cash value when you need it without taxes or penalties.
  • Protection: Your capital is preserved, and your cash value remains unaffected by market volatility.
  • Cash flow: Access steady cash flow to pay yourself a salary, which allows you to invest and pay your staff without selling an asset to provide the capital.
  • Legacy: Pass along wealth to your heirs and transition your business to your successor following your death.
  • Tax: Access to money without having to cash out and trigger an expensive capital gain. Plus, withdrawals during retirement are tax-free at any age and with no early withdrawal penalties.

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