What is Infinite Banking Concept for Business?

The common definition of a bank is a financial institution where you can make deposits or take out loans. Banks are profit-driven. When they do well financially, bankers make big bucks. They will always charge more in interest on a loan than they will pay in interest on money in your savings or checking accounts. This is how banks make money. They will charge you a much higher amount to borrow a dollar from them than they pay you to borrow one of your dollars.

Most of us have become so accustomed to the way traditional banks work that we don’t stop to consider, “What if there were a better way?”

Infinite Banking Concept is a system where you save money in a whole life insurance companies instead of in a bank. The insurance company is your bank. They pay you a guaranteed rate of interest—much higher than you would earn in even a high-interest savings account and will also pay out non-guaranteed dividends based on annual performance. Boss Financial works with insurance companies that have paid out dividends for well over 100 years. If you need a loan, it’s a private contract between you and your insurance carrier, not a bank. Interest rates are typically lower and you decide the pay-back terms.

When you create a banking policy using whole life insurance, banks (or the Feds) don’t tell you what to do with your money—how to save it, how to borrow it, and what to spend the borrowed money on. Even better, when you borrow money, you don’t need approval from a bank, you don’t need a certain credit score or a credit check, and you don’t have to put up loan collateral like a home, car, or business.

At Boss Financial Inc, we first and foremost focus on education. Our education is different from other financial firms; we concentrate on teaching our clients about how the Infinite Banking Concept and Whole Life Insurance is used by wealthy entrepreneurs to achieve the financial success and freedom they’re looking for.

Infinite banking allows you to be your own banker. This means that instead of going to a bank to finance homes, cars, or businesses (to name a few), finance items with your whole life insurance policy.

Properly structured Whole Life Insurance earns interest, has guaranteed growth, is free from the performance of the stock market, and provides ample tax benefits. These features provide the living benefits that make a Whole Life Policy an asset. Also, doubling the worth of your life insurance as an asset, is the fact that it comes with a death benefit.

When you borrow against your life insurance policy to reinvest in other performing assets, you are tapping into the very same velocity of money that banks use to make money. Instead of the bank taking your dollar, lending out 90% of it and keeping 10% on reserve; you as an infinite banker borrow your own money, and earn interest on your own money. You are removing the bank from your equation.

When structured using one of our infinite banking concept, a whole life insurance policies offer your company insurance protection, a tax-free death benefit, and a cash value that is designed to become a supercharged asset your company owns and controls; one that allows you to build equity year over year and access as a source of business capital through guaranteed contractual returns and dividends.


A whole life insurance policy offsets tax liabilities upon death, effectively circumnavigating the double-tax trap, which enables you to preserve your assets for your business and your family. As a business owner, you can also use the equity in your corporate-owned whole life insurance policy to fund buy-sell agreements or arrange key personal protection.

A  whole life policy can also provide you with a tax-free retirement income in the future. And besides being useful in balancing portfolios and planning for retirement, corporate-owned participating whole life has been long known for its estate planning benefits.

Since our Infinite Banking Concept are unique and intricate the specially designed whole life policy must be structured by a licensed life insurance agent with specific training and credentials in these types of concepts—which include the Infinite Banking Concept®.

  • OptimizeYour cash value never decreases in value. And, you will receive a guaranteed return 4% +  6% dividends that you can count on, typically up to 50x more than what you would earn in a traditional savings account.
  • MaximizeYou will earn 5-7 rates of return on your money from 1 transaction to maximize your cash flow.
  • PreserveYour money is protected from the market, creditors, taxes and recapture cost.
  • AccessAccessing your cash value at any time for any purpose is fast and easy. Quick-asset loans are flexible, with no specific payback period. They provide you access to the liquid capital you need while your balance continues to grow.
  • LeverageLeverage your capital to take advantage of opportunities in your business and real estate, and allow your money to do more than one job at a time.

When implemented correctly by our qualified Financial consultant professional, your whole life insurance policy functions as your own personal banking system. Only 10% of your initial investment goes toward your base premium, while 90% goes directly toward maximizing your cash value.

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